When most of us buy a new mattress, we intend to get a box spring or base to carry it. It is also usual to lift the best mattress brand org mattress with a bed frame from the floor. However, many people decide to put their colors directly on the floor to save money or to the sleeper, who likes to sleep out of bed for construction purposes. Other people like to sleep without a mattress on the floor. bestmattressbrandorg This is particularly popular outside the United States. Many cultures sleep on the floor or a bed-roll or sheet. Some people want to skip the expense of a mattress, while others value the solid feeling of the concrete. Often, mattresses are much more compact than mattresses.

If you want to put your mattress on the floor, have done so for years, or can go without a mattress, there are several factors. Technically, any mattress may be placed on the floor, but there are benefits and disadvantages. These and useful tips will be reviewed below.

Will Floor Help Sleep with Pain?

In certain cases, the floor supports the mattress optimally. It’s even and firm, and many sleepers like to have their mattress on the floor. Few problems with the ventilation and exposure to pests are discussed below. In general, putting the mattress on the floor does not greatly affect your sensation or capacity to sustain you. The story is a bit more complex when it comes to sleeping directly on the floor. Often people with back problems are told to sleep on the floor to ease their pain. Though no study has been done on the health advantages or the danger of sleeping on the floor, some swear by the tradition. Our spines curl, and sleep on the ground is designed to keep our spines neutral. Lying on the floor with knees twisted will also temporarily relieve the discomfort by lowering the backpressure. Floor sleepers could have longer-term problems. Sleeping on the floor does not cushion our joints, which also leads to sorrow and pain. In reality, joints can be compressed over time. Experts say the floor sleep is normal, and the body adjusts over time. The bottom line is that the sleeper should talk to their doctor about the matter and decide what sounds best.

Tips On Using A Floor Mattress:

Because of their structural nature and material composition, some mattresses are more suitable to sleep than others. See our Best Floor Mattresses guide for more information on these styles. In addition, mattress owners can take the following measures to ensure a safe, comfortable sleeping environment and a long lifetime before sleeping directly on the floor: 

Sweep, sweep and periodically clean the surface to avoid the accumulation of particles. Make sure the floor is dry until the mattress is placed.

  • Lift the mattress regularly and let it dry out. This reduces the growth of mold and mildew over time.
  • Keep the mattress area tidy to prevent bed bugs and other insects from infesting the bed.
  • Place a thin sheet under the mattress (e.g., cardboard or foam) for additional insulation at low temperatures.
  • During cooler times of the year, use a fan. This reduces body heat and reduces night sweat.